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What Is The Mission Of Faith To Victory?

First and foremost, the service that is rendered by Faith To Victory Ministries, whether its through the ministry of music, social media, the spoken word, or just simply helping those in need, is all for the Glory of God. Its all about advancing His Kingdom on this earth by sharing the Gospel of Truth as far and wide as possible; earnestly seeking to make a difference in the lives of believers and non-believers alike. There is no better way to accomplish this work than through the teaching and sharing of the instruction, encouragement and direction found in God's Word. The world needs to hear and understand what God has to say about how we should be living our lives, especially in today's world of conflict, denial and utter rejection of the Christian faith.

As Christians, each of us are being called to stand strong and confident in our faith, to never waiver, and to take on the very character and nature of Jesus Christ. In doing this, we become the example of Christ for the world to see; having love and kindness for one another instead of hate and animosity; compassion and concern instead of callousness and apathy; understanding and forgiveness instead of judgement and condemnation.

Through diligence of faith and service, we are all called to be bold witnesses, reaching out to the unsaved, testifying of all that God has done and continues to do in our lives, and sharing the unending love and forgiveness of sin made possible by a Savior who gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of all.

Therein lies the mission of Faith To Victory Ministries.

Yours In Christ,
Michael Collins / Founder
Faith To Victory Ministries

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